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Name: gomper
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Subject: RE: RE: Childish Gambino's causes stir
Date: Wednesday, May 09, 2018
Time: 7:47:10 AM
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RE: RE: Childish Gambino's causes stir

Keno, I was not suggesting that the Stones have done this sort of thing. I was merely segueing into discussion about the video. I agree, the video is not representative of America, but it really has suddenly garnered a ton of attention in the media.

It does smack of a 'publicity stunt ' as it is timed with the singers' appearance in Star Wars, and his hosting of SNL just a few days ago.

Now, the Stones have done some things which I think were contrived to shock and get attention, such as the Black & Blue cover, although it ended up not being the cover. Or when Mick Jagger did a promotional video for Tattoo You sitting between paintings of penises. But I would say that most of their stuff is being cheeky, its in the vain of their blow up dolls for Honky Tonk Woman. Whereas this video really aims to shock and to project some profound meaning. At least that's the goal. Not sure if it achieves it.

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