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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: RE: RE: RE: the board...
Date: Saturday, April 14, 2018
Time: 12:53:30 AM
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RE: RE: RE: RE: the board...

Thanks guys, I know that nobody wants to see Gasx3 end, but I need a break after 20 years, and the board is breaking down and almost impossible to get fixed.

Today was a real bad day for me, in part because I had to go and find yet another person to try to fix this broken board. Well that, and I'm going deaf in my left ear and got bad news on that from my doctor. Plus if that isn't bad enough, I had to do my taxes tonight (at least that is something most of us in the U.S have to deal with this time of the year).. But you would think that an old man who's retired and on social security, and making peanuts on the side, won't have to pay taxes anymore unless he was making a lot of money, which I'm not making. I'm making so little, yet I still have to pay taxes and will to the day I die, thanks to the income that I make off of the Google ads on this domain. If I was making the same exact amount of money as a employee working for somebody as a retiree, I won't have to pay a dime, but since I work for myself, I gotta pay taxes on it as long as I make more than $400 a year! Just what the hell is the difference? They penalize you for being independent!... But that isn't what this thread is about, so I apologize for getting off topic.

No Manny, money isn't a issue here anymore, although donations would be nice, since I make so little from this board in ads. That ad money that I have to pay taxes on, comes in from my other sites and not from Gasland, as less than 5% comes in from the ads here at the board. Yet 90% of my work and headaches comes from running this place. I spent over an hour today talking to a guy who claims he can fix the board for about $500. Is it worth that? Plus can he actually fix it? Nobody wants to work in ASP programing, and the ones who do want to charge a lot of money to fix it. Looks like my host has given up, but I still haven't released them from the contract we signed for a new board and polls, too, and I won't until something good happens.

So that's just one reason why I need to close this joint down next year. If the posting problems do get fixed, I could maybe change my mind on this, but I'm still totally burned out in running this place. But I could perhaps make it where only the current posters could still post, since our lurkers are all still out there reading this place and nobody new has been able to join us here for most of the last year now. So maybe if the board can be fixed, I could do that, just keep the place open to post for the old Gassers only. Hell, I always felt if there was no new blood joining us here, that the place would die. But other than for a few weeks in the last year, there hasn't been anyway for new people to sign up to join us here in posting, yet that hasn't killed the joint at all, and 90% of the lurkers are all still here. What is killing us is the posting problem, and this is my last attempt to find somebody who can fix it. I did today make a post at a place called where you can find people to do this kind of work, and I was surprised by all of the people who want to fix the problem, and most of them for a reasonable price. Really almost too many people to choose from, but can they actually fix this issue? We are talking about the old ASP code that was only used in the '90s that they have to work on, and most of today's' developers don't know how to work with such a language and such codes. But the older developers who were around back in the internet's early days do, so I'll see what's gonna happen in the next week.

So the first thing is to get the board fixed and running right again to where 100% of the posts actually show up. Once that happens, then I can worry about what to do come next January. The fact that most of you lurkers are still out there reading this, and the last of our dieheart Gassers are still posting would mean if the board can be fixed, just maybe a different kind of Gasland could live on after January. But that's just a maybe. Plus as I noted, if this issue isn't fixed, we may not ever last till January. So one thing at a time, and let's just hope that somebody can fix this broken board first. Just understand, I am trying.

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