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Name: manny in ny
Subject: keno and the board...
Date: Friday, April 13, 2018
Time: 7:50:55 AM
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keno and the board...

We all love the stones and are versed on other interesting topics here,an intelligent bunch here at gasland as always.Except nowadays there is peace here at alltimes.I dont know if anyone here has the knowledge to run this site keno but we all hope you can run things longer than your planned end time.It sounds like alot of work.But if money is an issue perhaps we can help.Well think it over we all know all things must pass but we enjoy it here.I make about 27 bucks an hour i can sure help if money is an issue?I should have texted this note to you but this is easier,of course we will all respect your final decision which probably has already been signed sealed and written in stone.Id love to see this place continue on.Again i apologise for not texting this but i gotta sign off shortly for afew hours.

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