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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: howard stern satellite radio...nsc
Date: Thursday, April 12, 2018
Time: 10:31:28 AM
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RE: howard stern satellite radio...nsc

Back about 5, 6 years ago I was short on money in my early retirement and not yet on Social Security since I wasn't old enough at the time (I'm on it today), so I needed extra cash and started to work again PT from home as a 800 telephone operator for SiriusXM. I'd worked for over 100 different such companies in the past, especially when I owned my own marketing company where I had contracts with a couple hundred of them over 10 years time, although by that time I wasn't on the phone anymore myself. But out of all those companies I answered the 800 lines for, SiriusXM was by far the easiest and best 800 job I ever had, and the main reason was because 80% of the customers who called in were totally happy with their service and another 19% were brand new customers who needed me to turned on the signal for their new radios. So maybe 1% called in to bitch, but when I think of it, it was more than likely less than 1%. With every other business I answered phones for, nothing came close to that, some places you would answer the phone knowing there was a 50/50 chance you were gonna get bitched at as soon as the customer called in.

So that would tell ya how much their customers loved the service, and all over the U.S. and most of Canada, nobody ever told me they were having any problems with picking it up, other than once in a blue moon somebody would lost their signal thanks usually to a storm, so I had to reset the signal for them on their radios.

But what I never could understand was why almost nobody ever complained about how poor their music selection was on each station. Now I myself only ever listen to 2 or 3 of their stations, the Classic Vinyl ('60s and '70s stuff) and the Blues station, while my daughter listened to what is the "new" CD station for Classic Rock that plays songs from the '70s and '80s. Once in a while I'd listen to the '60s only rock station, too. But the biggest problem with them is that their playlists totally suck. "Repeat city" is what I call those stations now, and I'm about to get rid of the service since I almost never listen to them anymore because of the repeats. There is so much other music that they could be playing on those stations that they never do play!

I should note that I never myself subscribed to them directly, but instead got all of their music station via the Dish network, which charges extra for their service and now I feel isn't worth it, even if it's cheap. I mean, who wants to hear the very same songs every day and pay for it? Hell, I can get the same deal on Pandora via my phone, but that I don't pay extra for. So maybe today I listen to SiriusXM once a week at the most, since Dish also offers their own rock stations without any deejays and between them and Pandora's station, who needs SiriusXM anymore? Not me, I only keep it because it is cheap, like around $5 a month extra.

I should note that with Dish you only get the music stations from them from SiriusXM, which are a lot of stations - but no Stern at all, and no, you can't get it in your car this way either (but I don't drive everyday since I'm retired). But with Stern, I used to enjoy his show years ago when he was also on TV, and before I lived out here in the middle of nowhere, when he was on over the air radio and I could pick him up on a Denver station. So I haven't heard his show in over 15 years now. I did like it back then, but if I have to pay extra for it, well I can live without it, too, and I have for all of these years.

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