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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: RE: Liverwurst ..nsc
Date: Sunday, March 04, 2018
Time: 5:09:23 AM
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RE: RE: Liverwurst ..nsc

I used to eat liverwurst sandwiches all the time as a kid growing up around NYC, as it (at least was) big back there. I'm surprised SW asked, aren't you from that neck of the woods dude? But it's funny, out here in the Rocky Mountains, almost nobody eats it! I recall long ago, after living out here for about 20 years or so, the food came up in a conversation and I never really thought of the fact that I hadn't ever eaten the food ever while out this way, not once, and I didn't even know if it was sold around here. So while in the store one day (while living on Colorado's Front Range), I looked for it and yes, I found it being sold, and got me some. It was delicious, just like I remembered it (I do love the taste of liver, even if I rarely ever eat it), yet I haven't had it since then and don't know if it is sold in this area where I now live. Guess I should look around for some and buy me a liverwurst sausage if it is sold around here. Just never think of it, as again, people out this way don't eat it. There is a lot of great food that people in the west don't eat, and some here that I see eaten that people back east never eat, too. But it's more the opposite of that here, the NYC area has the most and best foods around, bar no other place on Earth. It's like good/great pizza, the NYC area has the best pizza on Earth, while anywhere west of NJ has no good pizza at all (for the most part). Colorado and the rest of the country doesn't know what a true, great pizza tastes like.

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