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Name: Kiwi Jim
Subject: RE: great drummers...ssc
Date: Thursday, March 01, 2018
Time: 4:34:54 PM
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RE: great drummers...ssc

Yep, huge fan of drumming. Was blown away by the drum & bass section of Deep Purple on their first concert of the reformed Machine Head tour 1984.

Have only seen the Police twice but Stewart Copeland is amazing, delivers so much more than probably anyone else with all the percussion he uses.

Would have loved to have seen Steve Jordan with the Wino's - the Happy cover(?) on the Live at the Palladium is simply outstanding.

If, as untalented as I am, would have any show it might have been drums, but dreams are free...

Other great drummers I've seen live off the top of my head (apart from Charlie of course) Carmine Appice, Lee Kerslake, Phil Rudd (totally under-rated).

Special mention to the Mad Drummer who I found a few weeks ago when I came across it on one of your links I think - "laughter is the best medicine" & this clip never fails to put a smile on me no matter how I was feeling!

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