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Name: Shattered
Subject: RE: RE: Psychedelics (nsc)
Date: Wednesday, January 03, 2018
Time: 9:27:48 AM
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RE: RE: Psychedelics (nsc)

This website,, was a huge help for info when I was heavily into finding and collecting great psychedelic music. The link I gave sends you right to the PSYCHEDELIC/SPACE ROCK genre, but on the top they list many other great genres to check out.

As for record stores, unless they're like an "underground" kind of store with loads of obscure stuff, they're mostly useless. In downtown Manhattan we used to have several great stores like that (the good old days) and one close to me on Long Island (Lake Ronkonkoma) that was awesome! It was called 'Record Stop'. My God you walk in there and you think you're in downtown Manhattan! (I had bought TONS of Rolling Stones bootlegs there!) Sadly, they had to close down, like most (if not all) record stores. 😫 I miss that place so much.

Back in '95 I was browsing in there and I came across a CD by a British group called, ready for this, >===> Children Of The Bong!!! What a name!

I sure as hell picked it up. It's called "Sirius Sounds" and it's excellent from beginning to end.

Most unfortunately it would be their ONLY album. Damn.

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