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Name: Shattered
Subject: Another take on this.
Date: Wednesday, December 06, 2017
Time: 5:58:53 AM
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Another take on this.

Rock 'n' Roll always had that undercurrent of rebellion. When the RnR Era started in the mid-1950s it appealed to the young demographic, while parents and the establishment hated it, perhaps seeing this kind of music as a threat to the ethos of the time.

While The Rolling Stones are not quite founding fathers of RnR, they do trace back to when that fledgling and evolving era was still in single digits. The "torch" was passed to the British Invasion, who took what looked like the last days of RnR in 1963, and ran with it. (While 1963 had a lot of fun fast-paced music, there wasn't much actual Rock and Roll, and Doo-Wop was on life-support.)

I think the so-called misogynistic lyrics are, for the most part, used figuratively. That "rebellion" spirit was rekindled in N.A. in 1964, thanks to Beatlemania being the catalysts, and brought up to newer levels than before --- the screaming, the long hair, Beatle boots and other outrageous attire, all were very offensive to the social (and sexual) mores of communities and society in general. This fueled the young people with some sort of vicarious power.

We looked at RnR as a sort of savior, and it was OUR thing. It made us feel so good.

So many artists were coming out with so-called misogyny lyrics, yet RnR most certainly appealed to girls too. There's a certain "spirit to it, hard for me to describe, that transcends the boundaries of ordinary human language.

Those kind of lyrics are not really aimed at girls, thy're aimed at rebellion. Mean Disposition is a perfect example of what I mean. "SHE'S got a mean disposition. There's not really a literal SHE. SHE is being used metaphorically, making a political statement. That's what I think. (Awesome tune btw!😀)

I absolutely agree with Keno's great post.

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