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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: does anyone regret ...
Date: Tuesday, December 05, 2017
Time: 12:52:43 PM
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RE: does anyone regret ...

I don't, hell, "Under My Thumb" was both one of their best, and sexists, songs, and I see no problem with it because of how it was written.

There is a difference to me anyway, when somebody writes a song about sexist things, or racists things, etc, versus commenting positively about such stuff. I just noted below in a different thread, about Lennon's cannibal lyric in "Piggies", well how about Jagger's in "Too Much Blood"? That one was based on a true story, but just because Mick wrote about it doesn't mean that he supports cannibals, or is one himself. Just because Mick wrote songs about gays, doesn't mean he is gay, even if some fools think that. So with those notes, UMT or any of their other sexist sounding songs, doesn't mean that Mick is sexiest. But when somebody directly writes in support of such things in commentary, then yes, that means they are such a person, since they are flat out saying that about themselves. But what one writes in a song lyric is totally different, well usually, and in the case with what Jagger wrote in UMT, that is the case. Had MJ meant what he wrote in that song, then I won't listen to it, no matter how good it sounded (thanks to the great music that Brian came up with for the song).

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