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Name: Shattered
Subject: 2 Stones LPs polls/AC/DC video/Paul&MJ/Fabs movie
Date: Monday, December 04, 2017
Time: 2:54:13 PM
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2 Stones LPs polls/AC/DC video/Paul&MJ/Fabs movie

Don't know yet about ENHM vs. ER. ~~ I'm leaning toward ENHM.

SF for the second question. "Undercover" is a very good album, it really kicks ass. I remember the first day it hit the stores, I was listening to it with headphones on a reclining chair we had in the basement with the stereo next to it. I was sick that day with a rare cold, that didn't help. I was disappointed with the album cover initially, but then realized there was a reason for it - the album IS titled Undercover, and those stickers meant something. All that gets completely lost with CDs and tapes.

Even though I had the album, I borrowed the cassette from the library to play in the car. On the Keef vocal "I Wanna Hold You" there's an extra verse on the cassett-tape version.

AC/DC, sorry, but I found the video annoying.

Beatles movie gets a TEN.

Mick Jagger gets the vote for singer, he's just too versatile, nothing against a Paul of course.

OK I guess I'm going to go back to the polls now and vote for ENHM. It was 1964 and I really needed a serious burst of joy, and the music was my holy savior. But I did have good times with ER.

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