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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: Some things to consider....
Date: Sunday, November 26, 2017
Time: 5:16:56 AM
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RE: Some things to consider....

I know what some are thinking, at least those who live in the U.S anyway.... where all the talk right now, including some here at Gasx3, is about that ultra-conservative Republican U.S. Senate candidate in Alabama who was into dating and sexually harassing teenage girls when he was in his mid 30s, including underage girls as young as 14 year old. Is there any difference here between these 2 things? I would say yes, no question there is.

23 is clearly an adult, and in the States, the age of consent changes in each state. In most states they just pick an age and go with it (usually 16 or 17), but in Alabama that isn't so, as I just looked it up and it states this: "Alabama statutory rape law is violated when an individual over age 18 (or 16 or older if the victim is at least 2 years younger than the offender) engages in sexual intercourse with a person over the age of 12 and under age 16." So a 14 year old there can legally have intercopurse with an 16 year old but not a man in his 30s. Then the old debate kicks in, as to what is meant by "sexual intercourse"? But it really shouldn't be a debate, since you think most adults know what intercourse is, and what this pervert Moore was accused doing wasn't intercourse, but in his different cases, it was sexual assault - since he forced himself on teens, which is totally illegal everywhere in the U.S., regardless of age and if intercourse happens or not. So this pervert clearly broke the law more than once.

Jagger isn't breaking any laws, other than I'm sure many feel he's breaking moral laws, which don't count. But I look at it in 2 different ways. Some will say MJ is an old dirty man taking advantage of girls younger than his oldest grandchildren, while others can look at it in a totally different light, that this 23 year old is taking advantage of a senior citizen in his mid 70s and only seeing him to steal his money from him, since let's face it, no gal in her early 20s has any other interests in a person so old.

That is what we have here, and knowing MJ, I know he doesn't care what others think. But also, those of us who know Mick well enough, know that his money is 100% safe from what some would call this young lady - "a gold digger".

But again, the bottom line is, should a person of 74 date a person of 23? The answer is, the law totally allows it in every country that I know of, and no.... this isn't the same debate we had here almost a year ago when Mick became a dad again at 73. Yes, we could debate this other question or both of 'em, but not me, not now anyway, as it's well after 5am and I need to get to bed for the night, as I had one very long Saturday, and I want to watch some football in a few hours on the tube. But hey, anybody who wants to start in here on this, that's what the board is for, Ronnie!

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