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Name: gomper
Subject: I guess I'll use that phrase [I was] "Just sayin'"
Date: Sunday, November 26, 2017
Time: 5:43:46 PM
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I guess I'll use that phrase [I was] "Just sayin'"

I have no problem whatsoever with a 23 year old woman dating a 74 year old man. 23 is fully an adult, and assuming she is of sound mind, its all fine. It is perfectly legal and poses no ethical issues.

All these things are context, not numbers. If you were in your 30s or 40s and your dad died and your mom was dating a guy who was 23, you would probably have a different take on this. But Jagger is a man, worth hundreds of millions of dollars, and this woman is 23 and has had some professional success in her own rite.

While I am okay with this, here is what I do think...

The VAST majority of people who date other people who are twice or three times there age do so because the older person is wealthy and famous. If you are 25, dating a 75 year old movie star would be nothing like dating a peer. She could introduce you to academy award winners, political leaders, and other celebs. She would live the lifestyle of a member of a royal family. Sure, the pure attraction would not be the same, but it would be like nothing you have experienced before. So, I gotta say that if these elderly rock stars were normal men in their 60s and 70s, young women would simply not be in to them. But they are not ordinary guys and that's the point.

But back to my original point, I have no issues with a legal age woman of sounds mind dating anyone she wants as long as they are also of legal age and sound mind.

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