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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: RE: RE: 2 replies in 1
Date: Tuesday, November 07, 2017
Time: 10:56:52 AM
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RE: RE: RE: 2 replies in 1

CCH wrote:

I voted without reading the comments (I know that's what you prefer anyway Keno)

Yes indeed! I've said it here before, that there would be no reason for me to run these polls if I wanted to see everybody vote the same way that I voted. That's the last thing I want to see! Just because I have a strong option on many things doesn't mean I want others to follow my lead, other than when it comes to NSC posts for politics perhaps, since we all would live in a much better world - and a safer world, if everybody was more liberal and Trump wasn't in charge of the U.S. - or any hard right wing republicans in charge of anything in the U.S.

Shattered wrote:

Don't make the questions so hard Keno, my poor brain cannot execute such a demanding and taxing effort!

LOL! Didn't mean to tax your brain too much!

Yet just think how hard it is for me to come up with new poll questions each week after 954 weeks running the Stones poll, and just short of 600 weeks for the Rock poll. But the thing is, the Rock poll is much easier to create, since there are so many rock songs and groups to cover, whereas the Stones, while they been around for 55 years, are just one band, and 954 weeks is a long time to come up with new questions every week for them. Plus look at the Beatles and their poll. It may only now be in week 347, not a lot of weeks compared to the others, yet they were only a band for less than 10 years. There isn't anyway I'll make it to week 1,000 for their poll, as that's another 13 years from now as it is, and I'll be in my late 70s by then, if I'm still around. I plan to be around, but we all know how that goes, and the Beatles weekly poll won't be, nor will Gasland, at least not with me still running it.

I had just came to the domain to work some on next week's rock poll. I may do that studio band poll I talked about last week, it just depends on what I find online. I also want to start up video polls for the Rock poll, as they are the only poll that I haven't included video questions for, so maybe that would start next week? One thing I have none of, are any multi week polls set up at this time, and those I like, since once they are created, I can go an entire month without having to work on a new weekly poll! But I've been out of new ideas for any multi week questions, and while I like coming up with the new poll questions myself, I still like it when you guys suggest new questions, too. Heck, it was a Gasser (Mercy Mercy) who suggested the Stones video questions to me, after I had planned to run them a few years ago and never got to them, and then totally forgot about them. So I'm very grateful the suggestion came to me about a year ago via email, as damn are those questions very popular today!

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