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Name: Shattered
Subject: Raynaud's Syndrome (nsc)
Date: Monday, October 09, 2017
Time: 10:30:18 PM
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Raynaud's Syndrome (nsc)

I've had two carpal tunnel surgeries: the left hand Dec 2012, and the right hand one month later Jan 2013.

I have no doubt that my carpal tunnel syndrome was caused by my job as a letter carrier. (Several other carriers developed this condition, and each one went to my hand doctor! Cool.)

There's a reason why I mentioned when I had each surgery done -- those were WINTER months. I was out from work most of that winter 2012/13 recovering from each surgery.

Now here's where it gets interesting = the following winter was my first full winter working after those 2 surgeries. I discovered I now had a condition I never had before ~

Raynaud's syndrome or Raynaud's phenomenon ! 😬

I didn't know what the hell was going on at first since this was all new to me. This was especially bad for someone who works outdoors like me. (I retired last New Years Eve.)

I eventually ordered heated gloves and heated socks from These gloves heat the FINGERTIPS too, otherwise they'd be useless.

They cost me $200 at the time, and come with one pair of batteries which last two hours on full power. I had to buy two more separate pairs do I can get at least six hours of heat. Costly. 🤑

The gloves are great, but when the wind-chill temperature went below, say, 20 degrees, they made no difference. 💩

The heated socks are awesome, (buy a separate second pair of batteries) but they don't seem to stay working for so long, and you only get a 30-day guarantee!

Raynaud's syndrome sucks Ronnie! ✋️🤚🖐🏼🖖🏻

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