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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: RE: ercover/Banned Album Covers/more...
Date: Monday, September 11, 2017
Time: 11:20:06 AM
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RE: RE: ercover/Banned Album Covers/more...

I also went with "Till the Next Goodbye" as the most underrated song on the LP. I was still living in NY back then when the LP was released and I was seeing this gal around that time who had just moved to NY from Florida, but she had this very strong southern accent, as she grew up more in Georgia, and I always had a weakness for women with southern accents. But she wasn't my girlfriend either, she was a girl, and a friend, and while good looking, she slept around a lot, more than any other female I ever met. Her goal, as she would tell everybody, was to sleep with every boy in the neighborhood, and up till the nite the 2 of us got busted together for smoking a joint, she almost had done that. But she was sent back to Florida after the bust, to her mother, as her aunt, who she was living with at the time, gave up on her after that. But I would tell this gal that she was the girl in the Stones song, even if she wasn't from Louisiana, she was from the south, and to me back then all southern chicks were the same. I learned shortly after that wasn't the case at all, when I visited Colorado for the first time and met this crazy southerner named Sue, who had an even stronger southern accent, but wasn't anything like this other gal. Sue was from Arkansas, a southern bell for sure, and we were soulmates, and we both knew it the very first time we met.

My other picks were: B&L in the second Stones poll; Help! in the Fab's poll, even if I feel MMT is unfairly getting beat-up in theses polls; 'Norwegian Wood' in the second Rock poll - even if I love the other title, too; and in the first Rock poll, I went with No Love Deep Web by Death Grips. I have no problem with nudity, I'm a naturist as it is, but I do have a problem with an erected penis and nothing else on an album cover. If you're into legal porno, fine, that's your business, but still, you don't put that on an album cover. The guy must be an exhibitionist to want that placed on his band's album's cover. Only question, why did the other members of the band want that shown on their album cover?

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