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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: RE: Album Covers
Date: Tuesday, September 12, 2017
Time: 1:04:53 PM
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RE: RE: Album Covers

The Dead Kennedy's album wasn't included in the poll because - as you noted, it wasn't a part of the cover, it was a poster that was included with the album, which isn't the same thing at all. Some might also have noted that only one back cover was listed, that being the Bowie back cover - since in that case, the back cover was an extension of the front cover.

As far as the Scorpions Virgin Killer cover went, it's one of only 6 covers getting all of the votes out of the 46 different choices listed (which shows that our voters are clearly very liberal). Yet if some ever read up on that cover verses other covers that appear to be exploiting children, that one actually wasn't at all, as the child's parent took the photo and she wasn't harmed in any way. The photo only made it looked like she might have been a victim. Yet an innocent looking cover like Led Zep's Houses of the Holy, which hasn't received one vote yet, and seems harmless, was a problem for at lest one of the boys in the photo. Strange, I always though that was 11 little girls there on the front and back cover, but it was actually 5 boys and 6 girls, forgetting that this photo was taken in the early '70s when even most little boys had long hair. But in a interview conducted a few years ago, one of the boys - who is of course an adult today, talked about how much he hated that shoot and that today it only brought back bad memories and he wished he never was a part of it. He didn't seem to care that he was photographed nude, but it was stuff you never saw in the picture that he hated. He and the other children were forced to live on location away from their parents for the shoot (near the Giant's Causeway), they were then awaken at 4am everyday for 4 days straight days, painted white from head to toe, and then driven to the Giant's Causeway in time for sunrise, where there was freezing rain falling on their bare bodies for about an hour's time each day. The plan was to get the photo of them with the sun just starting to rise - but thanks to the rain and clouds every day, the sun was never seen, and the photographer then gave up after 4 days. So the light you see on the horizon wasn't real at all - but Photoshoped in later on (even if the practiced wasn't called "Photoshop" back in those days, they still had the means to do that). But this guy noted that the shoot was the coldest days ever of his entire life that he ever had to endure.

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