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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: RE: football,,,final we go...nsc
Date: Saturday, September 02, 2017
Time: 11:17:22 AM
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RE: RE: football,,,final we go...nsc

I hate talking on cell phones as much as I did before I finally got one. In fact, I think I hate them even more than I did before I got this one. Plus the service here totally sucks thanks to the mountains and the cell tower being located down in the valley below. I'll take my old landline any day, and that's what I make all my calls on, other than I have no long distance on it, so any such LD calls I have to make on the cell. I guess I really am nothing but a true dinosaur today, I like the way things used to be and hate new stuff. Now I got this brand new big screen TV and my guess is it will stay in the box for an entire week, until I have to set it up a week from Monday, since that's when the Broncos will play their first game, on Monday nite, Sept 11. Did I ever post here how much I hate Monday nite football games? I want my football games played on Sunday afternoon, damn it, although Saturday games would be okay too, but all we get is minor league collage games on Saturdays, which I find as boring as watching triple A baseball games.

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