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Name: manny in ny
Subject: RE: RE: bills camp...nsc
Date: Wednesday, August 02, 2017
Time: 3:02:16 AM
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RE: RE: bills camp...nsc

Hi keno well the problem with the bills is that unlike the other 31 teams they seldom draft quarterbacks in round one and when they do they usually are busts.Infact in the bills 56 year history the seem to way too often draft cornerbacks as they did this year,pisses me off!?They have 2 number one picks in the next draft,im sure they will bungle it up and not draft a qb. Hey you gotta admit you love the raiders uniforms and colors ,classy,i have an extra raider hat i could send you if you want one?They are the pride and poise boys!!I hate to see them leaving oakland though,it just aint right?I like the chargers,broncos,chiefs who are their big rivals but ive always liked the raider mystique and players like fred belitnikoff,ken stabler,jack tatum,pete banazak,cliff branch,lyle alzado john matuzak,and ex bill daryl lamonica etc while i was growing up.

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