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Name: Keno
Subject: Server issues messing with Gasx3, polls
Date: Monday, July 10, 2017
Time: 12:25:47 AM
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Server issues messing with Gasx3, polls

Since I was away from the board since Friday, I didn't know that we were having some unusual issues with the time that the server we are on, displays here at Gasland. I believe the problem started up sometime Saturday night, but anyway, the time showing when you post for about the last day has been off about 3 hours on the slow side. Not a major big deal, but this is also affecting our polls too, and at 10pm Gas Time - or midnight Eastern time - the time our polls are on (since that's the true server time), well the exact time when the new weekly polls start up on Sunday night/Monday morning, and when I came on line to set the new links for the polls at that time, I noticed the auto links that set themselves (at the poll menu), hadn't changed and were still running last week's polls. So I did a test post here at Gasx3 and that's when I saw the time-stamp for Gasland was 5 hours off (which in turn meant the polls were 3 hours off, and that's why they hadn't switched over yet).

To make a long story short, I had to call my host to fix this problem, they did, but then about 20 minutes later it all switched back to where it was 3 to 5 hours off again! So they fixed it again and they have no clue what is wrong or why they are doing this, but if it did this before, it can do it again.

They will keep a close eye on this until they figure out what is going on, and they will make sure the time stays current. Talk about a crazy problem, but, no votes will be lost because of this if the time switches back again. However, if the time does mess up again and you notice after you post that the time showing is way off, don't worry, the problem is being worked on.


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