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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: RE: Update, and question to all
Date: Monday, July 10, 2017
Time: 11:24:22 AM
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RE: RE: Update, and question to all

Once in a while I have written posts, everything seems good, I hit "POST MESSAGE" and then nothing appears

That might have something to do with the new password system, but I'm not sure. But for me, half the time I try to post - nothing shows, and that only happens when I don't type in my new password but instead let it post by what was saved using the "Check this box to save password." But every single time I have typed in the password (a major pain in the ass) my posts all show, but if I go with what is saved (which is still the new password) it only posts about half the time. I was thinking this might be a browser cache problem - and it just might be that, but I didn't want to clear my browser's cache since I have several passwords saved on it that I might not remember and lose them once the cache is all cleaned up. But you're suppose to clean up your cache every so often anyway if you want a faster running browser. Yet they don't need cleaning as often as they used to in the early days of the internet, too.

So to all reading this who is also having a problem with posts not always showing up - or even if you aren't having any problem at all, please let me know asap where you stand, as I need to know for sure what is causing this and if it is a widespread problem or not, or if it is just a local computer thing. I still believe it is a local deal and most aren't affected. But if it isn't and is an issue with the board, then work needs to be done within the board's admin. I sure hope it's just a browser thing, but I can't know for sure without feedback from you Gassers, so please let me know.

UPDATE on the server: Looks like the domain will have to get a new server, since something is wrong with the time stamp and it is my host's guess that it's only gonna get worst in time. Again, many other domains wound not even notice this problem, but because of our board and polls, it is a issue for us here - especially for the polls, since if we have one of our real close races going and the poll is suppose to end at midnight eastern time - and instead it runs over for an extra 3 hours, well, results could totally be changed. - and I don't run weekly polls that last for 171 hours each, I run polls that run for 168 hours each, and after that, no more votes should ever be counted.

So as of now, it looks like all of will be placed on a new server on Thursday morning around 7am Gas time (that's normal Gas time, or 9am eastern time). That will mean when it happens, the entire domain will be off line for between 1 and 4 hours on that day. More than likely closer to 1 hour or so, it just depends on how everything goes. I hate when this happens, it's a major pain in the ass and not something to take lightly. But hey, one good thing is we will get a brand new server, and the newer the server, the better!

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