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Name: gomper
Subject: Brussels and Bedsprings... same thing?
Date: Tuesday, May 16, 2017
Time: 6:30:54 PM
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Brussels and Bedsprings... same thing?

I recall that there was a recording floating around for years called the Bed-spring Symphony or something like that. My friend had it. Are they the same thing?

I think you WILL see a Brussels CD one day. Why? Well... why not? They will eventually get around to it, they'll gussy it up and probably make it a 4 CD box set or something like that.

As for the 750 dollar LP set with some attached doo-dads. They can have it. I really just want the music. But of course I would buy the CD. When it comes out in the form I am suggesting it will come out it, it will be the greatest and most sought after Stones release of all time, at least for us fans. The collage kids, the yuppies, and other totally casual fans can get away with GRRR! and a few other releases. But we want the best and we'll get it eventually.

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