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Name: gunner
Subject: What was truly recorded for Exile in Nellcote 1971
Date: Tuesday, May 16, 2017
Time: 1:45:47 PM
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What was truly recorded for Exile in Nellcote 1971

The "Exile" sessions in France are probably the most infamous in the history of the group, but based on what I can tell, very little from the actual album was recorded at Keith's villa:

According to this site, "Casino Boogie," "Happy," "Rocks Off," "Soul Survivor" and Ventilator Blues" were really the only tracks taken to completion at Nellcote. Some of the songs from "Exile" weren't even written until the Stones showed up in L.A. December 1971 to overdub and mix the album ("Torn And Frayed," "Just Want To See His Face," etc.). From what I can gather, most of the album must have been recorded in L.A., or they used backing tracks from Nellcote and from Olympic Studios (June/July 1970 - while finishing "Sticky Fingers") and then layered them, put vocals on them, and mixed the songs in L.A. in December 1971. It just seems as if the majority of the work on the album really happened in L.A., whereas the France work was more about the party, the dope and Jagger/Bianca being absent while she was having their baby. Anyone here have any additional insight??? I mean, there is just this whole myth that goes around that the Stones cut the entire "Exile" album in France in this secret, underground bunker, and it is clearly not true.

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