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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: RE: Me and the bear, a few replies in 1 (NSC)
Date: Thursday, April 20, 2017
Time: 12:47:36 PM
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RE: RE: Me and the bear, a few replies in 1 (NSC)

First, I've seen many bears before in my hood, both here and in my old hometown of Manitou Springs, often enough. But every time they were at least 20 to 30 feet away, and once one was up my neighbor's tree for several hours. But never did one get up on top of me like this one did! But he acted exactly like they are suppose to act and ran in the opposite direction of me as soon as he saw me. No, he didn't attack me at all, he just came up on the side part of the deck where we couldn't see each other until the last minute. I'm sure he went back to his den afterwards and told his female in bear talk: "Holy shit, I just ran into this big hairy hippie looking human monster!". Thing is, it's only April and they are just waking up around here, never seen one this early, even if I know they are normally around in late April. They were first being spotted in town about 2 weeks ago, waking up earlier each year it seems. They used to hibernate until late April years ago, but it's been so warm here of late, in the low 70s 2 days this week! Yet it's suppose to snow tonight.

was this just a big black bear and not a grizzly bear?

Yes. A black bear that was 100% black, too. Half of them are brown. An interesting story in our state, is that the DOW declared that grizzly bears became extinct in Colorado around the late 1970s. But it was a fellow Crestonian, who in the early '80s killed the last officially spotted grizzly in the state. This took place in the mountains to our north, when it attacked him one day. Since then there's been several spottings in a few different locations all over Colorado of grizzlies, and now the DOW claims that they could be still alive in Colorado after all, but the one near our town was the last one known to be alive for sure,and I didn't live here back then. But the difference between black bears and grizzlies beside size, is that black bears usually don't attack you... while grizzlies will every time!

To It's just a shot away, you only left out one thing in your movie's description, the last sentence should read: "Based on a true, real life story!"

It is funny how us locals take all of the wildlife for granted here. We always know when a non local in driving around here, since they will stop and take pictures of the deer when they see see them off the side of the road. We see from 7 or 8, to as many as 15 of them at once in our yards, usually about once a day. But after you take a few photos of them, there's no need for any more. But people in other towns, like up in Denver, might call the police when they spot a bear in their hood, here we don't unless they break into our houses. Got to see the aftermath of that a few blocks up from my street when I covered a house break-in for the newspaper a few years ago. This bear tore the french door off it's hinders and left a total mess inside the house (nobody was home). He went straight for the freezer where they had frozen steaks in there, and all over the living room carpet was the bare bones of what were several T-bone steaks! Thing is, black bears usually don't eat meat, they prefer berries, but in the late summer and early fall when they are eating all day and night long, they go at any food they can find. But unlike in most cities and towns where you lock your doors at night and pull the curtains over your windows because of the fear of other humans, here you do it because you don't want to have the bears looking into your house. They know what is inside a refrigerator and if they see yours at night from the outside window, they will try to get into your house. We don't have home invasions here by humans, only bears, about 2 or 3 a year on average each summer and boy do they make a major mess inside one's home once they get inside. Plus depending on the door you have, they know how to open doors with long door handles on them, so you got to lock your doors to keep them out. Round door knobs are your best bet, they can't usually get them open even when unlocked, but the double door off our family room has a handle to it, so at nightfall it gets locked first thing!

The thing is, I am very careful at least at night around here when I'm outside, as most of us are. When my grandson was young, he wasn't allowed to play off of the deck unless we were outside with him. So all of us are careful, maybe not as much in the dead of winter, but I always thought while on the deck that I would heard anything coming, since most animals walking on the deck make noise while walking on it, anything at least the size of a raccoon, or a cat. But no question the music playing inside the house muted the noise this bear was making as he walked up on me. But when I say he was only 10 feet away, that was it. Okay, maybe 12 feet, but no more than that! I went out there this morning and where he emerged from, the side of the house, is about 10 feet from where I was standing. Too close for comfort, Ronnie!

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