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Name: Keno
Subject: Me and the bear (NSC)
Date: Thursday, April 20, 2017
Time: 3:38:58 AM
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Me and the bear (NSC)

I had a very scarcely encounter about an hour ago out on my deck with one of our local bears. It was a nice mild, clear night, and I figured I'd go outside with my grandson's telescope and see if I could spot that big rock that was in the northern sky tonight only, the one that I'm sure most of you likely read or heard about.

So I was on the northwestern part of my deck when my cat inside of the house started to go crazy by the window. I should have realized he heard what I hadn't yet heard, approaching wildlife, which we have so much of here, and in a second later, I turned around to see this giant bear about 10 feet in front of me approaching from the north side of the deck!

We have some of the largest wildlife in the state in our mountains here, and this bear, when he saw me, at first stood up, and when he did, he was larger and taller than me; very well rounded indeed! How I didn't hear him before he was so close to me is beyond me, but I did have music playing in the house which might be why I didn't hear him coming, plus the half moon wasn't up yet, so it was pitch dark and I only saw him when he was on top of me.

He scared the shit out of me when I saw him, and I screamed at him as loud as I could - and thank goodness that worked. Yeah, it did get him to stand up at first and he growled back at me, but then he made a u-turn and ran away like I was a threat to him! Only wish I had my camera on me to get a picture of him, he was just so big! My daughter saw him in the driveway about 2 nights ago, well, it might have been him or another bear, we got more than one, and it's a rule here in our town that when you go outside at night around here, that you first look in all directions to make sure there's no bears or mountain loins around, then only after that do you head out the door. But I was already outside and was just looking up into the sky at that moment.

Usually when we have shooting star events, I go up to our 30 foot lookout tower to view them, in part because of the local wildlife. But to use the telescope, you really need to be outside in the open, and usually one of my kids are out there with me. But tonight I was out there alone, as it's a school night, and that my friends was one very frightening moment for sure, and now my second very close encounter with a bear (first time was many years ago on a trail in Yosemite National Park in California). But this bear tonight was much larger, a giant one indeed!

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