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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: RE: What do you all do for Easter?
Date: Friday, April 14, 2017
Time: 11:44:26 AM
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RE: RE: What do you all do for Easter?

I could say that you "nailed it" with that comment, but the truth is, the story about Jesus claims that he was only hanging around on Good Friday (and if you are a believer, I'm not so sure what was so "good" about that Friday?). But he was ascending into Heaven on Easter Sunday, not hanging around anymore, after appearing as a ghost to several people.

Gosh, I could never buy any of that story even when I was a preteen and forced to go to bible class every Sunday. I never believed any of that stuff taught about Jesus, maybe because the hood I grew up in was half Jewish, and my Jewish friends didn't believe in that story, or any of those stories, and they didn't have to go to bible class, or church, either.

No plans for Easter since I don't celebrate it, but I usually on Monday try to get to the food stores and buy up some of the Easter candy and chocolate bunnies that will all be half price come Monday. When my kids were little, we would celebrate what I called "Easter Tuesday", and they would get double the treats on that day since everything cost less on Monday. Other than my 3 grandsons who lived with me, since I wasn't poor when they were preteens and they would get their stuff on Sunday. My youngest grandson was the biggest pain in the butt (funny how now as a teen he's mellowed out). But there was this place online where you could order this giant (and I mean giant) chocolate Easter egg with a cream filling, and it usually came a week before Easter, and one year he saw when it showed up since Grandma made the mistake of opening the box in front of him, and every day for the next week he tried to get me to let him have his egg early by saying things like, "we don't go to church and believe in Jesus, so why should we have to wait till Sunday". But I never caved in and that Easter Sunday morning, he wakes me up at about 6am with the egg in his hand and says to me, "Gramps, it's Sunday, so I can eat it now, right?!" I told him "no", not in the morning, and to wait till after noon... but his crazy grandmother then told him to go downstairs and eat the damn thing, as she wanted to get back to sleep. But after that, he was running around the house like he was on speed, making all kinds of noise after the sugar rush hit him, and who could sleep after that and his still bugging us, now wanting us to allow him to eat some jelly beans, too.

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