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Name: Jaded Faded
Subject: RE: What do you all do for Easter?
Date: Friday, April 14, 2017
Time: 10:43:41 AM
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RE: What do you all do for Easter?

The plans outlined are very Polish things.

Polish as in those ethnically pure, food-obsessed, catholic nationalistic freaks to the "left" of Russia and to the "right" of Germany. (They would probably object to how that came out, but it wasn't meant metaphorically or politically, only geographically). And don't worry, I'm allowed to say it like that because I'm married to a Pole and because I've long-since proven my allegiance and because my offspring are half-Polish and because I'm me, and you've all come to expect things like this from such a jaded person....

Anyway, the Polish things include ritualistic activities like slaving over the making of easter baskets, including the making of sheep out of butter and the baking of bread and pierogis in highly elegant designs, and the purchasing of all manner of weird sausages and cheeses, and the coloring and drawing-on of pre-cooked hard-boiled eggs, and the building of a makeshift "pig" out of a lemon and clove buds, and the chopping down of branches of local shrubs....and then lovingly gathering those things together and placing them carefully into a woven container....and then after all of that slave-labor then going to a religious institution to get them idiotically sprayed (i.e. "blessed") with water that has come from local municipal reservoirs and been placed in a symbolic chalice of some sort and then dipped into by a sacred ball designed to spray that water effectively when yanked perfectly by the wrist of a human (a.k.a. priest), and then somewhere in there the sitting-on of your ass on a bench for hours and HOURS listening to God-clearly-knows what very very important messages we must all take to heart, otherwise we can't be good people who interact with others wholesomely in the world, or online.......

ALL! of this in order to bond with fellow people who happen to believe that Christ actually matters and who is making a real and physical difference in the future outcome of the molecules that make up their cells, but really just to celebrate how wonderful Poland's traditions are, in a ceremony that I only still go along with because the kids love it and because I actually still appreciate the taste of at least a few parts of that finished basket product.

Those are the plans. And listening to Easter Everywhere by the 13th Floor Elevators. What are yours?

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