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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: Speaking Of late night talk shows(nsc)
Date: Friday, April 07, 2017
Time: 10:58:34 AM
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RE: Speaking Of late night talk shows(nsc)

Late nite talk shows are not the came as they were many years ago when Johnny Carson ruled. Of course, he was really the only one, ABC had no talk show at all back in those days and I can't even remember who was on CBS, or did they even have one? I did like Leno when he took over for Johnny, he was good enough and of course Letterman took over at CBS around the same time, and he was very good too. But none of the hosts today come close to any of them. That O'Brian guy who first took over for Leno was total crap, and now Fallon is totally unwatchable. I did like him on SNL, but he sucks as a late night host. Kimmel is okay at best, but I've watched very little of his show. Then Colbert, who I was expecting a lot from since his old show was flat out great, was a major disappoint at first when he took over, but has improved since and is watchable and enjoyable enough now, but still not as good as Carson, Leno or Letterman were. Those other guys all had regular routines they did and that's where Colbert is lacking today. I mean, on his old Report, he did the Top 10 every night, which was excellent, so why did he drop that from his new show? Yeah, he still does it once in a blue moon today, but he should at least do it 2 or 3 times a week, it was that good. But at least I tune in at night to watch the first 10 minutes of his show - that is if my TV is on already that night, but half the nights of a normal week it isn't.

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