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Name: gomper
Subject: Why was Johnny Carson so great?
Date: Friday, April 07, 2017
Time: 12:19:29 PM
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Why was Johnny Carson so great?

I think it was because he was genuinely funny all the time. Perfect timing, awesome jokes every night. He had this balance between self deprecation and dignity, but a real genuine dignity that never required being affirmed or asserted. He worked well with others, almost anyone. His reactions were funny in a way that he could be the comic or the straight man. But what I also loved was the ability he had to shift gears and have somewhat serious talked or at least very intelligent talks with people about all sorts of issues. His version of the Tonight Show, when he took over from Jack Paar, was more of a real variety show with an enormous variety of acts appearing.

The late night guys today are all full of forced quirky comedic styles, self centered material, and those silly, tiresome games. Colbert is not bad, but he was at his best on his previous show.

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