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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: RE: funniest celebs ever...nsc
Date: Thursday, April 06, 2017
Time: 9:32:28 AM
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RE: RE: funniest celebs ever...nsc

I'm not sure he went into decline, he just left comedy behind and started to make dramas and other kinds of movies that I never cared for, yet many felt those were his best works. Annie Hall was his highest rated movie and it won him his first Academy Awards (4 of them for this flick alone), yet to me it was a just an okay movie at best. Then he kept making non-comedies after that and winning more Academy Awards, with Hannah and Her Sisters winning at lest once and I flat out found that one totally boring. He holds the record as the oldest winner (at age 76) of the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay for a movie called Midnight in Paris, made in 2011. Sad to say I know nothing about this movie or for the most part any he has made in the last 20 or so years. But the fact that he hates Hollywood and doesn't kiss ass to anybody connected to the Academy Awards - which is how you usually win those awards, and instead puts them down if anything, tells you that many still love his work.

About 2 months ago his movie Zelig, which came out way back in the '80s, was on TV.I had never seen it before and caught the last 40 minutes of it - and I liked it very much (now I wanted to see the rest of it!). So I bet there are at least some of his movies that I never seen and now would like to, but damn this guy makes so many movies, even still today and he's 82 now!

I'll close by saying that none of my favorite movies of his won or were even nominated for any Academy Awards up until Annie Hall, yet there are many, and I mean many of his films since that time that were nominated, including one made in the last 2 or 3 years, the title I can't recall. But you can't call that being in decline at all, even if you and I haven't seen them or care for his non-comedy works since the '80s on.

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