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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: RE: funniest celebs ever...nsc
Date: Wednesday, April 05, 2017
Time: 12:09:29 PM
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RE: RE: funniest celebs ever...nsc

Yes Don Wrickles was a funny man.

I assume you 2 mean "Don Rickles"? He's still with us, and yes, he's still funny. He's got to be past 90 years old now, but he's still kicking. One of my favorite TV memorizes was when he guest hosted the Tonight show for Johnny Carson, and when Johnny came back on the next night, Rickles had broken Johnny's favorite coffee mug by accident. So Johnny finds out that Rickles was working on some other show in the studio next door to the Tonight show, and goes on into that studio on the air with the broken mug while Rickles was on camera working this other show to confront him. You could tell that Rickles had no clue that Johnny was gonna do this by the look on Rickles face when he barged in on him like that. A priceless TV moment indeed!

As far as myself goes, Jackie Gleason's old Honeymooners show was one of the best TV shows ever made. I use to watch it every nite on TV in reruns, as the NY stations back when I was in my teens, had it on every nite. Then I got every one of them on VCR tape, too, but I have no working VCR player to watch them on anymore. Damn, it must be about 10 years since I was able to watch that show!

I also loved George Carlin and Richard Pryor too!

I found Woody Allen's early films funny but he stopped being funny in the late 60s as far as I was concerned.

It's funny Fatmo, I either totally disagree with your comments, or I totally agree with them, there seems to be no middle ground with you on what you write here and what I read. But what you noted above took the words right out of my mouth, other than I would say the '60s and '70s, as his best and funniest movies were made in the '70s. He did mostly only stand-up before that in the '60s, and his stand-up was great indeed! But Love and Death and Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Sex were 2 of the best comedy movies ever made, with Sleeper, my favorite all time movie ever made period! That one was actually half made in Colorado of all places, from a guy who makes what - 95% of his films in and around NYC? But he needed a very spacey and future looking house to be filmed for part of the movie and was told about this strange looking house off of I-70 here in Colorado that you can't miss seeing while driving west of Denver on that interstate, and to this day it's still a strange looking house. But that's why he came here and ended up not only filming both inside and outside of the house, but also filmed some in and around Boulder, too. For years now that house is now called both the "Woody Allen House" and "the Sleeper House". Nobody lives there anymore becuse it gets too many visitors who want to see it. Below is a photo of it, a cool looking house indeed!

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