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Name: Keno
Subject: No flames at all for over a full year!!!
Date: Sunday, March 12, 2017
Time: 9:11:42 PM
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No flames at all for over a full year!!!

Back on March 3, 2016, I made the greatest post that I myself had ever written and posted at Gasx3. It was the post where I set the new Land of Gas rules (itís in the archives if you would like to read it), after yet another week of flames here at the board. Some of you didnít realized how critical things were back then, but at that point Gasland was on life support, and I was about to pull the plug for good unless my very last try at saving the joint, worked. Well, it worked!!..... with flying colors Iíll add, and itís still working to this day!... Yes, that was when I set the new rules that, as of the minute I made that post, no more flames of any kind Ė including mini-fames, would ever again be allowed or be tolerated at Gasx3, and if somebody broke the new rule, they would be banned from the joint.

Yes, on that very day that post was made, Gasland instantly got 100% better and hasnít had any problems since! Not one single flame post has been made here in 1 full year plus 9 days! Fantastic and so wonderful indeed, and it was all of you Gassers who made that so! So I thank all of you for showing me and this joint, and our entire Gasland community of both posters and lurkers, your respect and support!

The neat thing was that only 2 or 3 Gassers left after that new rule went into effect. Before I decided to put it into place, I wondered if the new rule alone might be the final doom for Gasland in not allowing any flames. But I didnít care at that point, I was sick and finished with spammers and flamers, after putting up with them since 1998 when this web community was first started, so at that point, it was either them or me, and if it was me, then the Land of Gas would had been no more. But yes, we survived all of that, and this place is a Gas Gas Gas! once again!

Itís also funny that one of the things I wrote about in that year old post that saved this joint, was that I was having problems with the forms that we use to sign up for a password, and also send in album reviews with. Actually, the forms have been messing up for about 3 or 4 years now and other than the Gasland Registration form, which was build a bit differently and never caused the same problem the other ones were causing. But I had to take down all of the other forms (about 4 years ago), and because of that the domain hasnít had any new album reviews sent in since.

When the Stones new album came out, well, I decided again to try to fix the forms and end that long running problem (plus I needed to ad captcha to them, too). But it took weeks for me to get to that work and I only finally started to do the work 2 weeks ago. But then I had to give up, as those forms are just too messed up for my old brain to figure out what is wrong. So I turned to my old domain host of 18 years, who would always bug me to give their web designers a shot at helping out here, since I never had in the past, other than for their server work of course. But now a full week later after giving them the job, they canít figure the problem out either! The problem is with the new installed captcha, as itís interfering with how these old forms send out the formís emails to me. So for now we are still working on this mess and the only form up at the moment is an old copy of the Gasland sign-up page, since that old one never had captcha on it before and is still working. But you got to have captcha these days to prevent web robots that spammers send out, from being able to do damage. Those robots are why web captcha was first used on the web years ago, and it does stop them every time Ė as long as you have it up and running correctly, that is. I donít right now, not yet, but Iíll hopeful that in less than a week the problem will be solved and then you all can send in your reviews of the new LP to me (or for any other album, too) so that I can then post them on our album review pages.

So as soon as these forms are fixed, I will let ya all know, and again, thanks so much for all of the Gassy support shown by everybody in the last year here! It is a gas once again here, Ronnie!

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