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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: RE: Karen
Date: Saturday, March 04, 2017
Time: 12:07:36 PM
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RE: RE: Karen

I guess you can blame me for this, or perhaps the person I responded to who claimed Love's uncle was a bad person, that was you I believe. But so what, threads go in different directions like that all time here, and I think that's a good thing about Gasland, you never get too bored here because of that fact.

HR, you been posting here for years now, I'm surprised you asked that question, but again, I like that fact about this joint. If we only talked 100% about the Stones, it would have gotten boring here about 10 years ago and the place never would have been as popular and lasted almost 20 years. Now without the Stones this place never would had been, yes indeed, but a good message board covers other things and goes off in other directions - even in one single thread, and I believe that's a good thing, so I thank you for making the note about Love's uncle, it made the thread a better read, IMO. Plus I didn't see that other thread about the Greatest Female singer in this thread at all, and nobody said Karen was the greatest singer in that other thread, which I also read. You noted that she was into horns too, I didn't know that. I did know that she also played bass guitar too on some of their songs, but not horns. It's good to know that.

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