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Name: SS
Subject: RE: but what about.....
Date: Tuesday, August 07, 2001
Time: 3:16:44 PM
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RE: but what about.....

Yeah, the Dulcimer was there. But most everything else was rather new. The oldest stage outfit that they had was that cape Mick wore in '81 that was made from US and GB flags. The rest of the stuff was from '89 & '94.

IMO, the Hall needs to expand the exhibits of existing members, and cut out all the backstreet boys and N'sync shit. It's fucking embarassing. If you ain't in, your shit shouldn't be displayed. As it is now, all you have to do is send in some old stage costume, and the Hall will display it. Shit, they had a huge display of some prog rock guys guitar rig with all these dumbass horns sticking out of it....I never even HEARD of the guy, I never heard of the band he was what the fuck is it doing in the Hall Of Fame? Ridiculous.

But it was mitigated by the Stu Sutcliffe artwork gallery, and his Hofner Bass. It made the hair on my arms stand up.

That was worth double the price of admission.....

SS, C10

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