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Name: Maxmeister
Subject: C-Town And Back To Reality
Date: Tuesday, August 07, 2001
Time: 11:32:13 AM
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C-Town And Back To Reality

After just landing about 2 hours ago, of course my first mission was to access our beloved GASX3 Board.

I just finished reading all the posts and I can honestly tell you there is no exaggeration.

Saying it was a distinct honor and pleasure to meet you nine Gassers is a vast understatement.

In regard to me not knowing when to say when, it ranks with my personal classics of all time.

After consulting wth my wife and giving here the way too gorey details, she rates this episode #2 on my all time list since she's known me.[25yrs] It falls just short of a fateful night when I absorbed 12 or more beers, chased by about the same number of kamikazes.

I had some blackout periods, but my fellow Gassers were kind enough to tell me I was having an extremely good time. Something about sitting on the floor with a glazed look, jamming to Brussels Rambler. I trust their judgement.

Labatts Maximum is "fucking mad"

The hospitality that 2000Man showed us was awesome. What a host!

Any expectations I had of what each of my fellow Gassers would be like in "real life" were exceeded. Truly just good people.

I only had the pleasure of hanging with Nanker and Maxy for just a few hours[due to self inflicted wounds] during the backyard lovefest. The group setting didn't allow us much one on one, but I expect to make up for that next year.

SS, Marko, SDH, Joey, FPM, and MM met me at the airport Fri. evening, we hooked with 2000Man and the whirlwind began.

I could continue on and on but I'd only be repeating what everyone has had a chance to say before I could access the board.

Today, my early flght had me leaving the room at 6:00am with Marko and SDH still catching zzzz.

When I checked out, the clerk asked what time the room would be vacated and I started laughing. I didn't tell her about the TV somehow falling out the window into the courtyard.

Hell, I bet they're still in the room. I'm sure they will eventually make their way to Chicago.

This Fri. evening, Marko's U.S. Tour lands in Houston. I can see him saying things like......"Corona, chips&salsa, Corona, women, Corona, Mexican food, Corona, It's hot here, Corona, Who's faahhting and what faahh, Corona, Play the Fucking Track, Corona, and as always, Fucking Mad.

Thanks again my fellow Gassers for a great time. The Summit will remain a fond memory forever. I expect to add more of these memories next year and beyond. Oh Yeah!!!!

Rick, C10

PS. Larry, would you be so kind as to do me a very big favor? I'm in the market for a new or slightly used liver. It must have low miles, all the toys, and run on premium. I will pay top dollar.

Please contact me at www.don'

Thank you very much. Thank you very kindly.

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