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Name: Human Riff
Subject: RE: RE: Cat and mouse games (NSC)
Date: Wednesday, February 01, 2012
Time: 9:54:23 AM
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RE: RE: Cat and mouse games (NSC)

So Funny. Female cats make better mousers? Never heard that. I had a male and a female at the same time and they were both excellent hunters.

I got a cat story. A family I knew inherited a cat. "Herman" lived in an apartment his entire 8 year life before being bequeathed. One spoiled cat. Weighed 20+ lbs and had no fur on his stomach because it dragged on the ground. Being as such, Herman had health issues, including asthma. On more than one occasion I witnessed Herman drop on his side and gasp his way through an attack.

Herman was put on a diet and eventually learned to venture outdoors. Not for long, but he did come around to start enjoying his his time in the jungle providing he had immediate access to the safety of indoors. This was a tough neighborhood where the fireflys grow up to a 1\8th inch.

One evening, Herman is let out the sliding door and the rest of us are sitting around inside socializing when there is a bit of commotion outside. We look out to see Herman making his first kill since his transition to the country. Herman had cornered a Grass Hopper. We proceed to cheer Herman on as he valiantly defends us from the beast. Every time the Grass Hopper would take a leap, Herman would deliver a incapacitating blow with his paw.

After several rounds, Herman has his nemisses against the ropes. He reels back, ready to lay the crushing blow with his paw. His first kill!.......F@*king cat falls over on his side in a full blown asthma attack and the grass hopper limps off....... My friends bought a bug zapper Ronnie!

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