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Name: Keno
Subject: Cat and mouse games (NSC)
Date: Wednesday, February 01, 2012
Time: 1:20:12 AM
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Cat and mouse games (NSC)

I noted in the thread that MMR posted the other day - Dirty Rat Scum Building A Better Mouse Trap, that I had a great cat and mouse story to share, along with a photo that I didn't have on-line yet, so I said I would post about it when I got the photo on-line, and I just took care of that, so.....

My cat Cheezy is almost 4 years old and we got him mainly because of the problem of too many mice in our home. Actually, he was our second cat, but our first one, Ratty, who was only a kitten, and who we only had for 3 weeks, was killed in a sad accident, and we got Cheezy less than a week later, in part from suggestions from a few of you here from Gasland, so that my grandson (who caused the accident) would get over Ratty's death fast. The suggestion was a good one, it worked!

Anyway, we were told to get a female cat because they were better mousers. So we did, at least we were told he was a she, and he looked like a she because with kittens, it's sometimes hard to tell early on what their sex is. Anyway, it took 2 months for us to find out she was a he, and lucky the name we came up with still worked for a male, and in time it turned out he was an excellent mouser, and that was what we got him for.

So Cheezy became a part of the family, then of course, the family had to moved away, and that left me alone with him. But damn, ever since the day we got him, we have had almost no mice in the house, he kills 5 to 10 a year, but 90% of those he gets in the garage, few make their way into the house, and if they do, they die, because Cheezy does his job well - other than this one mouse.

The mouse in question entered the house last year in mid November. One morning I awoke and Cheezy was not sleeping next to me like he always does. On the rare mornings this happens it means one thing - he's downstairs with a half dead, or soon to be dead mouse that he found during the night. So sure enough, when I made my way down to the family room, there he was by the old TV stand with a very much live mouse hiding under it. I had somewhere to go that morning and left with Cheezy in the very same spot, waiting for this mouse to make his move. Several hours later I returned and everything seemed normal, in fact I forgot about the mouse being in the house. That night, around 8 PM, I had just finished up working in the family room and Cheezy was asleep in the living room when, I saw the mouse run across the room and go behind one of my stereo speakers on the floor. So I yelled for Cheezy, and all I had to say was "MOUSE", he knows what the word means, and he came running into the room ready to kill. The mouse then came out from behind the speaker - very slowly, as if he was giving up, and Cheezy - instead of going after him the way he always goes after mice, walked up to the mouse, sniffed him and then sat down next to him. I could not figure why he did that and I yelled at him to take care of the bastard. But the two of them just sat there looking at each other, so I threw something at the mouse to get him to run, figuring that would get Cheezy to go after him. It worked, the mouse ran behind the speaker again and Cheezy followed him. As Cheezy looked behind one end of the speaker, the mouse came out from behind the other end and walked up to him as if to say, "I'm over here". All I could think to myself was, why isn't this mouse running away in the opposite direction?... they all run away from the damn cat like that! So Cheezy turns around and they sniff each other again, then the mouse jumps up on the telephone and Cheezy sits down next to him and to my total surprise, they both stayed there for more than a half hour, while I took several picture of this unusual event. It was as if the two of them made some kind of peace deal earlier in the day and became friends. I never had seen anything like this before with my cat, nor had I heard of any cat and mouse doing this, either. So after a half hour or so past, I realized Cheezy wasn't going to kill this mouse and the mouse wasn't leaving; him and Cheezy were just hangin' together like two bros! I knew at this point that I would have to get rid of the mouse on my own. So I got a bucket and a broom and sweep the mouse into the bucket and went outside and kicked his ass out of the house; I never saw the sucker again. Of course when I came back in I gave my cat a ear full, but he could care less and just fell asleep. Like all cats, he's real good at sleeping, and other than that one mouse, he's good at getting rid of mice, in fact he killed his first mouse of the year just last week. But not that one mouse, the two of them somehow became friends.

But, I did go online and ran a photo search to see if this has happened before and I did find one photo of a mouse and a cat hanging out together (but no text to explain what was up with them two). So I guess it can happen. Well, I know it can happen, I got to see it take place with my own two eyes. Anyway, below is one of the photos I took before I kicked the mouse out of the house. I just want to know, have any of you ever heard of something like this happening between a cat and a mouse? Or do I just have one crazy cat?

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