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Name: Bart
Subject: RE: Strollin' on the boulevards of Paris! review
Date: Sunday, July 30, 2006
Time: 2:23:41 AM
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RE: Strollin' on the boulevards of Paris! review

Travellin'Man. I don't know the word for the lights so that's why I tried to describe them. It are those sticks and when you 'break' or like bend them they light up. That last for like an hour or less and then they go out again and are then useless.

Teiz: I'm affraid it will be me. Well one must be able to get a ticket for like 40 euro. So I think I'll try that..but I'm not sure yet, still doubting lol. Maby you should try the same..

And wtf, I've allready heared MR?! I was indeed at the concert in 2003 but I missed that completly. In fact, my position in the 2nd ring back then was such a fucked up one that I can hardly remember anything from that concert..

I'm now off to the studios of Radio 1 to do an interview about the Stones, since I was asked for that. And you know I love to hear my own voice on the radio hehehe. Between 1 and 2 o'clock if you're not out hunting beavers.

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