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Name: Bart
Subject: Strollin' on the boulevards of Paris! review
Date: Saturday, July 29, 2006
Time: 11:17:50 AM
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Strollin' on the boulevards of Paris! review

Wow! Man man, what a night in Paris!

This was the best show by the Stones I've seen so far (saw 4 in total now) and the best concert ever!

I traveled with 2 friends to Paris by bus. We got a bus ticket including a ticket to the show for 150 euro so that was a good option. The trip to and from Paris wasn't that nice, but hell, after the concert I didn't give a damn. We arrived at the stadium about 2,30 in the afternoon and then travelled to Gare du Nord in about 20 minutes (15 min walk from stadium to metro). We from Gare du Nord travelled to Pere-lachaise, the cemetry where Jim Morisson is burried. I saw the grave before but my friends didn't, and still it was good to see it again, so it turned out to be a real musiclegends day:) I've been to Paris many times, but one friends had never been there. I showed him around a bit but we then decided to lay in the grass near the Champs Elysee so we would still have enough energy for the concert. We arrived back at the Stade de France at about 8 and the temperature turned out perfect. It was a beautifull summernight. We sat down on the pitch about 15 meters from the b-stage where there was a nice space. During the concert we moved a bit closer till about 10 meters from the b-stage.

Razorlight played till over 8 and I allready thought it would the Stones take longer to go on stage then at 9 o'clock. And they did. But it helped to build the tention. The wave went round and I wanted the Stones to get on the damn stage! We waited and waited and then at 9.25 a great JJF was kicked off! Great. Just like in Cologne a perfect opener. IORR afterwards worked well indeed, but didn't yet show the magic that was about to come, just like with On No Not You Again.

Luckly they played She's So Cold wich was perfect! Ronnie was sharper and seemed happier then in Cologne and Keith was sharp as hell. Mick was on fire, from minute one btw!

The crowd was a bit tame during SSC, but I wasn't. Mick did so well on the song. BUT SHE'S SO CO CO COLD!

After that Tumbling Dice followed wich worked well for the crowd again. It was a great version of the song.

As Tears Go By was good and the little light things the crowd was handed out before the concert where nice to see. Also during other later songs on the concert it was magical to see 80.000 or so of those things all around you.

And then..SOL came. I've always defended the song when it was bashed by some people..;) and I liked the live version in Cologne, but it was not that special live. How did that chance in Paris! Mick must have had some love trouble at the moment, because he went crazy during the song. Towards the end he was playing and singing like a mad man. FANTASTIC! Also the rest did well, so If they keep that up the song works perfect live.

Now I knew they didn't play an 'extra' song before TD so I was allready hoping for MR. I've never seen it live but I always fucking digd it on live boots and dvds. And then I heared Charlie's drumming. Just like on the other live MR beginnings. Mick got his harp and then..bang! Mick went nuts, Charlie was drumming ever so well and Keef and Ronnie where on fire. Ronnie was much more at eas then in Cologne it seamed and was full of convidence. Keith is amazing, still playing like that. I jumped and danced like I was crazy during the whole song and must be the best song I've ever seen live. The crowd went also mad. The crowd was more enthousiastic then Cologne, to make a comparisment. I still can't get over the fact how well they played and what a kick ass song it was.

On Night time Lisa was great and the hand waving with our lights in our hands worked well.

After the band intro's Keith got a hell of an applause and he sure did enjoy and appreciate it. He stood there just smiling, then came to his sences again and said: On with the show. lol. He also said it was a special day since it was Micks birthday. Maby I didn't hear it well and he said something like it WAS his bday two days ago. But anyway, this place is empty came wich was nice.

Then Before tmm Run was stunning. Great version and no mistakes during the song.

Miss You worked well and it was great being in the crowd around the stage (well, 10 meters that was but still great) that was wild. Rough Justice started out a bit strange but it was the only minor 'mistake' they made during the show.

Start Me Up on te b-stage was magic. YAU!

On Honky Tonk Women I was hoping Mick would chance the lyrics to 'Strolling on the boulevards of Paris' etc. again but he didn't. But still a banging version.

Sympathy for the Devil was marverleous. Mick was perfect and the show during the song worked ever so well.

Then Paint It Black worked so well on the crowd, the tention of the show was so well biuld towards the end. Brown Sugar kicked in after and flames where lit from the stage, wich seemed to surprise Keith a bit because maby he stood to close. lol. But he picked it up well and it was a great song.

You Can't Always Get What You Want was a great sing-a-long and Satisfaction topped the night with Mick running all over the stage, and also Ronnie and Keith where all over the place. Charlie seemed to enjoy himself allot.

Well, it was such a great night, but I think you've allready got that lol. I'll always remember it. I didn't tell on every song how the boys played, but they played so tight and steady, but not steady in a bad way. It was full of energy and they where on fire every song. Ronnie had some good solo's and Keith seemed like the mighty old Keith again. But he also was in Cologne. No head trouble for him. Charlie drummed perfect and Mick..well Mick was just superb. And talking French allot ofcourse.:)

The Cologne show was great to and I had a terrific view near the b-stage and a great, but this show did kick more ass musicly. It was simply perfect. I still can't believe they still can play so perfect, cd-quility, and also still so LIVE and amazing. And the setlist was great to. I think on this tour when you see the setlist you think 'mwah', but you just have to be there and then see the stones are still magic.

Next show: London, and maby Amsterdam. I've now got the tast for it!


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