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Name: Turner
Subject: MSG review 1/18/06
Date: Wednesday, January 18, 2006
Time: 11:13:55 PM
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MSG review 1/18/06

This was a very enjoyable show due to the fact (which has been reported here many, many times already) that The Stones have turned up their guitars! Hallelujah! In some ways it felt like seeing them for the first time. While The Stones still play it safe in terms of arrangements, the loud guitars made this a night to remember, and I am more than glad to eat some black crowe.

I cruised into the city around 7 pm and headed over to Stout's just to see where it was in preparation for Friday. I called Love You Live but got no answer. For all I know there were a bunch of Gassers in the bar when I was there. We headed over to the Garden around 8 and took our seats. I was expecting The Stones to come on at 9 but it took until about 9:40. They opened with a solid version of JJF and I could tell the guitars would be loud. The guitars disappeared in the next song however, LSTNT. I always love hearing this one, whether it's guitar drivcen or piano driven. Next up was ONNYA, and it was pretty kick ass! It just felt like The Stones had some extra energy on this one because it was new.

I was wishing they wouldn't play You Got Me Rockin. Be careful what you wish for! I was afraid of YGMR when I should have been afraid of Love Is Strong! Well, I knew several Gassers would be happy with this tune, but I was left kind of scratching my head. Mick did play a mean harmonica though. Next up was Rocks Off, which I don't think I'd heard since the Voodoo tour. It was, of course, awesome. My wife was psyched as she loves this one. I did notice one thing though. This was the laziest bunch of white people I'd ever seen! My section was pretty dead, and it looked from my high vantage point like there wasn't much dancing going on below either.

When they pulled out Mick's electric piano I got ready for Memory Motel, but instead we were given Worried About You. I was fine with it cause I've heard MM many times and I don't think I've ever heard WAY. I felt bad for my sister-in-law though because she really wanted MM. I loved Mick's singing on WAY, and Ronnie ripped off a very respectable solo. So far it felt like the whole concert was the Mick Jagger show. Ronnie and Keef really seemed to be in the background in terms of stage presence. But who cares as long as their guitars are turned up!

Next up was Rain Fall Down, one of the few songs I really love from the new record. (I really lucked out with the new songs, they played my 4 favorite ones!) Very Funky tune. After that was a great performance of Midnight Rambler. Even Chuck's piano was great sounding on this one. You could just tell The Stones were well greased after so many months on the road. Then we had a solid version Tumbling Dice on which Ronnie had another great solo. The first part of the show ended with a very groovy Gimme Shelter. Actually being able to hear The Stones' guitars makes a huge difference.

Keef came on for his two songs and did an awesome This Place Is Empty and a solid version of Happy. You know The Stones when they play Miss You and I'm into it! It was a very tight version which didn't seem to go on as long as previous years, and that made it much better for me. Rough Justice and Get Off My Cloud were great choices for the b stage and both rocked. Honky Tonk Women was another one that was great simply because I could hear the guitars.

After the b stage retracted came the warhorses which were all very solid. I could definitely live without Sympathy, but we all have songs we feel that way about. YCAGWYW and Satisfaction wound up the show and I sprinted out to 8th Ave just minutes before my parking lot closed!

So the bottom line for me is that The Stones have made a major improvement simply by turning up the guitars. It kinda pisses me off I saw so many shows without that, but that's life. I don't have many complaints about the setlist which I thought was pretty interesting even for a hardcore fan. And it was great to hear Ronnie solo! I did come away with the impression that Mick is the whole show now though. Keef just didn't seem to be much of a presence on stage. This isn't a criticism, it's just an observation. The only real criticism I have is that The Stones still seem to be trying to recreate records onstage instead of being more creative, but that didn't really detract from my enjoyment. Even my fourth level seats were pretty decent. So all in all I had me a real good time.

Looking forward to attending the summit on Friday at Stouts. LYL I will keep in touch with you. Anyone who has any details about the summit would be doing me a great favor by e-mailing me the info.

PS - TM I went to your seats but you weren't there!

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