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Name: LoveYouLive
Subject: Re Better late, then never at all
Date: Monday, January 23, 2006
Time: 7:47:25 AM
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Re Better late, then never at all

No I didn't nearly miss the show, but I am sorry I am so late at reporting in. That happens when you party like I did. What little free time I had in NYC wasn't going to be spent pursuing an Internet Cafe. I got home Saturday afternoon and slept until Sunday. Then when I tried to post yesterday before the games, I couldn't access the board.

Had I reported in between shows last week, I would have claimed this was the best show I have seen at MSG (ever) and the best show of the tour. Well that was all very true until Friday night. Still it was one hell of a show!

I liked all the changes this show brought. The first big surprise was a great surprise.... "Love is Strong". When we started out are evening of drinking we were at Walter's. During our period there, we heard this tune and my friend's wife said it would be great if they played this. What is really strange is that she said the same thing about Rain Fall Down in Philly the first night they played that tune. Both times, I agreed with her but expressed my extreme doubt that they would play the tune. Both times I was very wrong! Both times I was really happy to be so wrong! Great tune, glad they could finally do something other then YGMR.

Worried About You was the other big surprise. Just like Turner (and most of the Garden), when I saw the paino for Mick, I expected Memory Motel. I would have accepted either tune with just as much love, but Worried About You was probably better since most people had never heard it live. And it was good to see that it could go over so well in a large venue like MSG. I will have to check, but I suspect it only got play in the clubs during the Licks Tour. Hopefully this isn't the only time they do this tune. However if it is, it was one special treat.

The rest of the show wasn't too surprising. It was my first time hearing LSTNT during this tour and that was nice. I like it upfront, but I can imagine it might be a very nice one-two punch from the b-stage at a future show with GOOMC to follow.

The pre-show worked out very well as well. Had a great lunch with my frinds up in Times Square. Then back to their room at the W to check out the view and get "Geared Up". We then walked down to the Garden and managed to get the event shirt just as they started selling the mrechandise. By 5pm, I already had a few shirts (for some friends as well) and was on my way to Walters. When we got to Walters it wasn't too full. We did stay long enough to see the tide come in, however after checking a message from PayPhone Al, we were off to Stouts. Spent a good two hours hanging there. It was great to meet up Travelin Man, Keefer, Human Riff, and PayPhone Al amoung others. Torn & Frayed turned up later. There were also a bunch of people from Rocks Off. Just before the show, I started a chat with MaxLuger and found out that Riffhard was tried to onload a ticket. I fortunately had a buddy that happened to be looking for a ticket and had a transaction done within minutes.

We headed over to the show just before 9pm. Plenty of time to take our seats and wait until about 9:45pm. The only draw back with my seats were that we were in the last row and we had handicapped seating behind us. This meant that the people behind us wanted us to sit down for parts of the show. We did at times, but this is a real bummer. I talked with the usher and I had every right to stand during the show. However in trying to be polite, I felt obligated to be seated for part of the show. This is a perfect example of something that is completely beyond the Stones control that still has an impact on how I view the quality of the show.

All in all a really great show. However what is really amazing is how great they all are. More on all of that, as I share further thoughts on Friday's show.

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