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Rolling Stones Oral History Project

The Stones have their place in history assured, but we the fans do not. This is a place dedicated to making sure Gasland's many stories are not lost, or at least lost in the board's giant archives.

The Gas Gas Gas Message Board has tens of thousands of stories dating back to 1998. Here is a link to its history. The purpose of Let It Loose is to collect and catalogue Gaslanders’ stories. We also welcome new posts. If you have a post you want included in this page, please email it to this address. The individual sections of the project are read only.

Keno has taken measures to guarantee Gasland will be around for a long time to come. Libraries accept oral histories. I will contribute the content of this project to Rutgers University Library for preservation at appropriate intervals. If you have a story to tell, you can tell  it HERE.

- Undercover 2007

The First Time

Every Stonesfan loves reminiscing about his or her first show. We all share that in common. This section is for descriptions of first concerts.

On with the Show

Virtually all Stonesfans have a favorite show or tour. This section contains memories of concerts other than the first show. Every post will be about experiences at a Stones show.

Salt of the Earth

This section contains anecdotes of unique characters encountered by Stonesfans. Some are about people met while partying at shows or clubs. Others are about people such as friends, family, or lovers. The people connected to Stonesfan’s lives are part of the story. Posts about the people who populate the Stones scene are placed here.

Fingerprint File

This section is for posts of people sharing memories of their Stonesfan experiences like road trips, brushes with the law, scoring tickets and dope, pre- and post-show parties. Any post that is similar to the type of tale told to friends while reminiscing about the Stones will be placed here.

Gassy Posts

It is a Gasland tradition to describe a remarkable post as “Gassy.” Some of these Gassy posts are too good to let be lost in the archives. This section contains posts that can be about anything, including off topic posts (NSC). Plus, not all of these post are positive or even pro Stones. Some were started out by non-fans - as put downs of the band or of their fans, yet in the way they were written, or in the way the Gassers responded, they became Gassy material anyway.

Note: Not include in the chapters above, but an event that should not go unmentioned, was the events of 9-11. All of the Gassers lived through that sad day, like everybody else, so I will provide a link back to the first post made about that day as it was taking place. But there are many other 9-11 posts that are not listed, so after reading that first thread, use the archive box that you will see and please just go back to the month of September, 2001, where I suggest you read not only all the posts for 9-11, but for 9-12, too, since it was a two day event where nothing but non-Stones posts were made in Gasland, a event I hope will never happen again.

Gassy song: Check out this song written about Gasland! 


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