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A Rolling Stones book from Keno!


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Rolling Thru The Stones


$24.95 TRADE PAPERBACK - 10.5 X 8.25   ISBN: 978-0-615-28228-2

Read about the Glimmer Twins: Mick Jagger & Keith Richards!

Read about The Stones founder, Brian Jones.....

Then learn about the other Stones: Charlie Watts, Mick Taylor, Bill Wyman and Ronnie Wood!

- Along with -

Over 130 Stones photos, 98 of them never published before.

All this and more, all in one book!

Here are a few (but not all of) the chapters (and sub-chapters) from the book:

Some Songs/Some Albums/Some Movies
    Stones Songs about or written for Real People (places/things)
         Non-Stones Songs about The Boys
    It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll (But who wrote it?)
         Disputed Songs of the Stones
    Rolling Stoned Songs
    Banned Albums/Banned Songs
    Movie Stones
         Cocksucker Blues
         Ladies and Gentleman, the Rolling Stones
         The Rock n Roll Circus
    That double LP – You, Me, The Boys, and Exile on Mainstreet
The end of BJ
     The Anita Connection
     The Death of a Rolling Stone (How did Brian Jones really die?)
     Who done it?
     The Aftermath
Questions & Answers

     The most asked Rolling Stones questions - answered!
Internet Stones Fans (and a place called Gasland, too)
     Early Internet (Before Gasland)
     The birth of the Land of Gas!
Live Stones
     Love You Live at MSG
     Colorado Stones
     Up Front with the Stones!
The World’s Greatest Rock ’n Roll Band
     The true lead Stone, Mick Jagger
     Jah Keith
     The BJ Factor
     The Taylor Made Years and Woody Times
     Watts, Wyman and don’t forget Stu
And The Beat Goes On…

Rolling Thru The Stones

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“Keno has uncovered the many urban legends about the Stones with the most up to date realities through his sources and contacts throughout the Stones world. I enjoyed reading this book and you will too” - James Karnbach, music consultant, Rolling Stones insider and author, who wrote the book’s foreword.

"Keno's a good writer........he's produced a book about The Stones that has a little bit of just about everything and is illustrated with a huge amount of photos, most of them in color. In fact, the photos alone are worth the price of admission." - Joyce Greenholdt, Goldmine Magazine

I’m so very pleased to have so many of my never before seen photos of the Rolling Stones published in this well written book” - Philip Kamin, rock photographer and author of numerous rock ’n roll books

Radio interview about the book with Keno from KKFM, click: here.

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