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Posted by Lord Voodoo on July 19, 1999 at 09:59:21:

In Reply to: Re: EXILE ON MAIN STREET - the Stones greatest? posted by Vacendak on July 19, 1999 at 04:45:04:

This is really getting ridiculous. I am oh so happy (read as sarcasm) that the thought police have now jumped into the Rolling Stones fan base. The best thing about Keno is that he actually has an opinion on the album. He is just about the only person who has the guts to say its not his favorite or even top ten favorite album. So what? I love the Beatles, don't love revolver. Lots of people think its they're best. Not me. That doesn't mean I don't like it.

Why do you possibly care whether he like sit or not? It has nothing to do with Keno's "supposed underapreciation for the blues" or being a hippie. Or any other concocted reason that anyone can think of. He must not like "exile" because he has no appreciation for ... (insert anything). Believe what you want to, but don't put thoughts into other people minds, or words intot their mouths. Unlike everyone else that visits here, Keno has actually sat down and ranked every song after listening to them. I don't agree with half of his rankings, exile is just a small part of the things that i disagree with him on. But the common bond is that we all like the stones, for some of the same reason. Everyone likes Jumping Jack Flash, Gimme Shelter, Brown Sugar, Satisfaction, Paint It Black.... the list goes on. That's why its so easy for us to like the band. However, after that people have different tastes and opinions. I hate the 80s stuff, some people like it. I love the Ron Wood late 70s era stuff, alot of people hate it. I prefer the late 70s (right now) to any other era the band was in. The songwriting from the early years may have been better, but the whole direction and attitude at the late 70s I dug. Many people disagree with me.

The nature of people is to be different and to like and dislike different things. Yes, there are reasons for this, but there is no chance in hell that you are ever going to figure these out. It takes a whole lifetime of millions of things to come up with your musical tastes. Exile doesn't grab everyone. Alot of people didn't like it when it came out. It is has a certain feel to it, that just doesn't grab everyone. If it did, it would be the one album that all semi stones fans have. I would bet it is out of the top 10 that all semi stones fans have. My sister has 2 stones albums, stripped and Tattoo You. A friend of mine has 3 stones albums, Let It Bleed, Hot Rocks, and Some Girls. If I were recomending anyone to buy one stones album it would probably not be exile, as much as I love it, I would recomend either Some Girls or Let It Bleed. Those were for me the two albums that took only one listen for me to love. Every other stones album took several listenings for me to really get into.

I have nothing else to say on this issue right now.

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