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Posted by Fleabit Peanut Monkey on March 23, 1999 at 07:59:53:

One of the perks of seeing the Stones on the current tour, with its "up close and personal" format, is being able to actually make eye contact with the band. When I saw the band in Milwaukee, despite my front row perch, the only person I made definite and repeated eye contact with was Lisa. (And I must say, it was kinda exciting!) I didn't sense any connection with Mick, although he did make eye contact with Dandelion, who was right next to me. Of course she is far lovelier than I.
However, I made definite eye contact with Mick in Pittsburgh. When he started "Fool To Cry", the audience sat down en masse. The only people still standing on Woody's side in the whole front half of the Civic Arena were me & Derik, and I started yelling "stand up! stand up!" to the people around me. When I turned back to the stage, Mick was looking right at me. He rolled his eyes as if to say "what the FUCK do they WANT?" It was pretty cool. It gave me the sense, for just a second, that I was the only one who GOT it. I know that most of the audience really appreciated this great performance, but the least one can do, especially on the floor, is to remain on one's feet while you're seeing the greatest rock band in history.

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