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Posted by Dandelion on March 23, 1999 at 08:33:04:

In Reply to: eye contact posted by Fleabit Peanut Monkey on March 23, 1999 at 07:59:53:

One wonders how much they can see, and how far back. Also, what they can hear. It must somewhat effect the performance, I would think. I've heard that people on stage can see a few rows back at least, depending upon the lighting. You are right about these settings, and particularly on the front floor and the B-stage, the atmosphere of a clubbier sort of thing. I'm sure the energy they get, or not get, from this type of audience is much stronger than from a stadium. I still cannot stomach the undies on stage thing, it is SO Fat Elvis and Tom Jones. I know it makes those Glimmer girls happy, but sheesh. Throw a Kinky Kink Kinko Kinkily Anus Immobilizer up there instead.

The other thing about the lighting up close that I forgot to mention, is that the effect I mentioned before during the end of Paint it Black with the strobe lights, sort of recreating the jump cut ending of the Ready Steady Go clip, does not carry over farther back in the arena. You can see the definite effort, from above, but it does not translate. I'm not sure how far back on the floor and first level the effect goes, but it is lost at the back of the arena and above in the front.

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