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Posted by Joey on February 24, 2000 at 19:38:45:

In Reply to: Re: Drop the opening act crap! posted by Syph on February 24, 2000 at 17:36:51:

: Plain and simple - the Stones are a canned act that refuses to play a show like CSNY are currently doing. First of all - Mick usually has to have the most "cutting edge" groups open - The Flys, and didn't even Smashing Pumpkins open? I rest that case...and also, Keith and Ronnie can only pose for so long before the show gets old. CSN & Y still have great harmonies (something the Stones abandoned years ago), great guitar playing ala Stills (something the Stones abandoned years ago) and healthy members (something Keith and Ronnie will never really be.) It's like the Allman Brothers - Butch Trucks has said that he always wondered how good of a band the Allmans would be if the fired on all cylinders. One minute Gregg would fall off the wagon and as soon as he was sober, Dickey would fall off etc. CSN & Y had the same problems - Now both the Allmans and CSNY are firing well and burning up the stage. The Stones haven't fired on all cylinders - truly - since MAYBE 1972-3. The last permissable year of Keith and Mick T's honeymoon with dope. If anyone else here, who truly enjoys the Stones shows, could imagine them firing in all their glory - The Stones would combust onstage. They have that potential. But there is always SOMETHING that keeps them away from being THE band. Ronnie's off, Keith forgets words, Mick has laryngitis, Chuck plays TOO much etc. It's a shame but this band will probably never see what it is truly capable of.

: Syph

Your negativity disturbs me so much.............I am now forced to pee on myself.

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