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Posted by Bungalow Bill on February 25, 2000 at 13:14:22:

In Reply to: Re: Re: Re: Re: Drop the opening act crap! posted by Syph - Please read if you disagreed w/my 1st post on February 25, 2000 at 10:59:48:

: Okay - hold the phone - I have NEVER been let down by the Stones! Never. All I was saying is that it would be PHENOMENAL to see what this band could do if Mick loved the blues like he once did, Ronnie and Keith were sober etc. That's all.

I can't totally agree with you here. The Stones still manage to through old blues numbers into their set every once in a while. They were doing I Just Wanna Make Love to You during their recent tour and they did It's All Over Now in Chicago when they opened the tour in 1997. Ron Wood has always been a shitty guitar player. He meshes pretty well with Keith at times (i.e. Beast of Burden) but playing live....well he just is NOT good. Keith still brings much energy to the procedings IMO. All the reviews I have read have been very pro-Keith and I still think he has some chops. Keith is not a lead guitar player though, and he never has been. He is a very SOLID rhythm player and still is to this day. Some of the live stuff I've heard from their recent tour is pretty impressive (i.e. The Last Time, 19th Nervous Breakdown)...very good stuff!

Whether anyone like what CSN&Y are doing - they are on the top of THEIR game, THEIR music. Something that everyone here has basically agreed that the Stones have not been for awhile.

They are not. They haven't had a good tune since Southern Cross and they haven't been truly good since Deja Vu...well IMO. I think the Stones new album was truly inspired. You Don't Have To Mean It was one of the best KR songs EVER IMO. I think the "pushing of the envelope" on that album was a positive thing. Anybody seen my Baby question, but the rest is the best IMO since Some Girls.

The same goes for the Allmans - I don't give a shit if their music doesn't do anything for some of the people here personally - to their FANS they are currently running on all cylinders - Tell me you wouldn't like to see the Stones do the same?

I like the Allmanns, but they haven't been the same since Duane died. Dicky Betts is no Duane Allmann...their music live NOW sounds like Steely Dan did when they toured a few years ago...YAWN! Where is the energy they had on Fillmore East?

The die-hards here continually bitch about the inconsistancy of the Stones live - well - that's all I was confirming...They are NOT on the top of THEIR game.

I have been a die hard Stones fan for many years and I think it is easy to put the jack boot into them now, because they are getting older, but SO WHAT? They are releasing better music NOW then they did in the entire decade of the '80s...aren't they? Are they is good as they were in the late 60s early 70s...of course not, but they are making their way back up the ladder...not down. All in comparison...right?

Yes they're still better than the alternatives out there - but they have the potential to be in another league - not just better. We'll never see it, but Keith and Ronnie may see it in double vision.

IMO...they are in another league. In the league with Bowie...still doing it WELL even after all these years!

: Syph

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