Seeking Answer to Unreleased Song

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Posted by THE JIMMY WHITLEY on September 27, 1999 at 17:39:59:

This ones very obscure and I don't expect an answer but here goes:

Being the resident Stones "guitar/sheet music dude"(yawn : ) I do have tons of thier older sheet music books that were published.
One of them titled "Songs of the Stones, 111 Jagger/Richard Rock Greats" On page 194 has a song called "You Must Be The One" with a copyright date of 1967 (ABKCO) and this sheetmusic book was published in 1975.

Now, my theory is that this was going to be a song that was to be on Metamorphosis since both this book and album came out in 1975 and that ABKCO bothered to officially have it published.

My question is this: Has anybody ever heard this song on a bootleg and if so which one? I have checked most of the studio session resources and do not see any such song and yet my sheet music book has the chords/lyrics and piano music!
Is this some great lost stones recording? (I am being a little melodramatic) I have transcribed them for you all to see. Judging by the lyrics this song was a throwaway.



I've been looking out baby for a girl for me.
When I saw you baby, I knew that I could see


You must be the one
You must be the one
You must be the one
You must be the one

When I saw your brown eyes and your teeth like pearls
You stood by your limousine lookin' like a proper girl


I know that I love you, It don't sound like it's true
I would do my very best to get right thru' to you.


Copyright 1967 and 1975. ABKCO.

(Lew, feel free to add this to the lyric page collection-JIMMY)

Well? Talk amongst yourselves, I gotta bail. Later, JIMMY

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