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Note: I have not updated this page in years, other than the two newer photos of Coop and Cheezy. I do still take photos of my family, I just haven't felt up to placing new photos up here. Perhaps sooner or later I will, then again, I might just take this page down, as there are other means to spread family photos about these days and this type of page is not really needed any longer.

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Cheezy and Mouse - Our cat, along with his unusual friend, the mouse, in late 2011. This photo might seem crazy, and it is, and I explained how my otherwise good mouser got to be friends with this one mouse, at the Gasland board - Cat and mouse game.

Cooper, my youngest grandson (and Jackie's youngest boy), banging away on my electric drum kit, January; 2003, and also in 2008 (he didn't like me showing a photo of him here as just a baby, so here he is as spider boy).

Jackie in 2001 - She really looks a little more like her Mom everyday!

Grandkids: Alex & Dakotah  (Debbie's kids) - Alex, hanging out with me in 2001. Dakotah in 1999, my little angel, even if her mom claims otherwise!

Santa Keno, Xmas 1999 - A sunny, (and warm!) Xmas afternoon on the deck at my old house in Manitou Springs, Co.

Pikes Peak (in background), Keno with long time friend John, Summer 1999. This photo was taken after a hike on the Rampart Range,  up above from the place where I used to live in Manitou Springs.

Me & Sue, 1998 - On vacation with our niece Rachael on a boardwalk by the Great South Bay on Long Island. One of the last times I was clean shaven. Guess I do look years younger without the beard.

Grandsons Keifer (L) & Colton (R) in 1998 - Oh wet memories! Notice the water pistol in Colt's hand? Well I at the time didn't. A second after I took this photo he shot me in the face with a blast of cold water! Luckily the camera didn't get too wet, but I did!

Dad & Mom,  1998 - Portrait taken a short time before their 50th wedding anniversary.

Garden of the Gods Park, Co. - I took this photo in 1996. A great place to hike. Note: the parking lot and building you see in photo are no longer there, taken out so the Garden can look like it did in the past.

Older Photos
From the '50s up to '80s

My son Adrian -  At the Colorado Renaissance Festival in 1988.  "I challenge ye to a duel!" We all love the Renaissance Festival, still go every year.

Debbie in 1988 - In Boulder Canyon. What ever happen to that "little girl" of mine? Guess she grew up like they all do!

Me deejaying at KOTO radio in Telluride, Co in 1985. During the old Saturday night "Keno on Koto Show".

Me at the age of 24, mug shot from my drivers license.

My sister Jeanne in '69

Me, with my sisters Pat (L) and Roseanne (R) in 1965

Me  in 1957.