Me The Atheist

I'm a Atheist, and I'm not afraid to admit that I'm one. No, not at all. But I'm also into other stuff part of the time, too, like Zen Buddhism, plus I also hate labels being placed on people, which was why I used to say that I was only part Atheist.  

But I do feel that many people are afraid to admit that they don't believe in God, even if they know there isn't such a thing. It's a tough world out there for Atheists. Religious people will fear you, yet try to convert you, while others will not take you seriously. People might be rude to you if you try to explain your beliefs. They think you must be under Satan's spell since you don't believe what they believe in. But I don't believe in Satan, either.

I did once have a page up on this web site that was called God & Religion, that I took down years ago and replaced with this page. I guess the Zen part of me made the Atheist in me take it down. It was not placed on the web to upset anyone, but to explain how it is to live around certain religions as a non believer. But I found the page lead to too much trouble. Not that I was unhappy with what I had published on the page, but what some people were reading into it. Having that page up just reminded me of all the prejudices there are out there when you talk religion. Deep down I really don't care what anyone else believes in as long as they keep it to themselves and away from me. That's all. 

 I do believe that we are all our own, non religious gods. I am a god, you are a god, your kids, dog, cat, every living thing, is their own god. I always did believe this and when I found that Zen Buddhism taught this, well, it was nice to know at least one major religion got it right. I just don't believe in one single deity who rules all of us. So was Jesus a god? Yes and no would be my answer. No, he was not the son of God, but he was a son of a god and in turn, is a god, but no different than you and me.

For now, I'll go with what John Lennon sang about God, although maybe there is still more to it than God just being a concept. 


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